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The Advantages of Simple e-Procurement

During these tough times, college and university VP’s of Finance across America have discovered that one of the easiest and most effective ways to cut costs is to change the way they work with their strategic suppliers. Sollod Technologies can create and run an e-Procurement marketplace that captures the business case savings without breaking the bank. More »


Punchout Catalogs for Suppliers

Some customers ask that certain key suppliers have a punchout catalog their e-Procurement system can connect to. We offer Vendorca, a punchout catalog that is fully functional and easy to use. We seamlessly exchange electronic orders and invoices regardless of what standard your customer is using. More »

What Do We Do


Your Marketplace.
An eProcurement solution/marketplace built on a standard platform, but with the look and feel of a custom app. More »


Punchout Catalogs
Find out how we can host a catalog for you with full punchout capability, regardless of what standard your customer is asking for. More »