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Why VPs are choosing Sollod Technologies
Lowest risk, highest return

At Sollod Technologies our team has been creating intuitive, user-friendly marketplaces for America’s top research, Ivy League, as well as smaller private schools for over 17 years.

ST “specializes” in creating quality marketplaces for the higher education market. Unlike any of the competition, building easy to use marketplaces that are customized for each college, university, and consortium is all we do. Our technology has undergone numerous audits and is trusted and proven time and time again.

Our college and university eProcurement experience dates back to 1993 at MIT. No other vendor has this depth of experience; in fact, most come and go an important fact that you need to be concerned about. At ST we have seen companies float in and out time and time again as they turn their attention elsewhere or simply go out of business. No other vendor focuses solely on the college or university customer and has been around as long.

VP’s of Finance and Executives choose us because they realize that we are the only vendor who specializes in higher education; we are a private company who will continue to be in this market for years to come; and we provide a simple, easily adaptable technological design. We provide VP’s low risk and high return it’s that easy. Just ask our satisfied customers.

Our Philosophy

ST is a privately held company, unlike the venture-backed competition. At ST our philosophy is that eProcurement need not be complicated, resource intensive, risky or costly. As a private company we focus on each customer’s individual needs, not on our stock price. In addition, we are able to offer various and affordable price points that none of our competitors can match.


Sollod Technologies eProcurement solutions are ideal for American universities and others. Our history in American higher education eProcurement runs deep:

  • Credibility, trust, and relationships earned over 17 years
  • Experience base in eProcurement dating back to 1994
  • History of success with major universities
  • Pioneering e-commerce standards dating back to 1997
  • Deep understanding of processes and technology involved in purchasing, receiving, order management, invoicing, payment, catalog integration, content management, searching, and other key eProcurement components.

Throughout the years we have developed a solid reputation as the primary company in the Northeast who provides reliable, user friendly, cost effective solutions to the nations top universities. We offer the most proven, affordable, entry level eProcurement solution on the market. With the recent economic downturn, interest and demand for us has grown exponentially.

Your Marketplace


An eProcurement solution/marketplace built on a standard platform, but with the look and feel of a custom app. More »

Consortium Marketplace


Work with like-minded organizations and channel buying through a single channel to get even greater savings. More »

Partnership Opportunities


If you are a major integrator, catalog management company, distributor, or other, please contact us.